OUR 10th ANNIVERSARY! We at Surface Safety Inc., have been the premier slip-resistance expert in the Northeastern United States for the last decade. My, how time flys! We are specialists in Non-Slip Coatings & Waterproof Surface & Installation. We use the only recognized and accredited nonslip/ anti-slip resistance testing equipment.
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It's coming into summer and after winter weather those you need to seal those concrete driveways and walkways.
That's one of our specialities, so give us a call at 781 393-6900 and we'll be in and out in a jiffy. 
TESTING We provide both certified slip-resistance testing services for insurance and liability protection as well as top quality installation and restoration of all non-slip and waterproofing surfaces. We are the areas preferred choice for dealing with slippery areas. We can analyze and test your area to exactly how slippery it is and then we can recommend how to improve the slip resistance of the surface and finally we can also install a new slip resistant, decorative and durable surface to improve the safety of your high traffic areas. 
GREEN: Most of our installed solutions also come with a waterproofing option for high moisture areas. 
WE CAN HELP: To find out more or to discuss your surface issues call us at 781-393-6900 - Contact Us or just browse through our web site for more information on slip resistance testing and issue related to slippery surfaces. 

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